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What to Expect from the Website

The ICA Fitness and Conditioning for Soccer Course is the fastest, most convenient way for you to gain the knowledge and skills necessary when it come to fitness training for soccer. Our commitment to you is a part of everything we do, from the design of our programs to the support available to every coach. This is what you can expect from The ICA Fitness and Conditioning for Soccer Course:


ICA Course instructor Roger Spry is recognized as one of the top fitness and conditioning trainers in the world. His methods and ideas are used by the most recognizable players and teams at international levels. Sixteen of the starting twenty two players in the 2004 European Championship Final (Greece versus Portugal) were trained by ICA Course Instructor - Roger Spry.


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When you have a question about anything, you can call the Support Line, The ICA staff are on duty to answer your questions from 8 AM to 9 PM Eastern time, USA, Monday through Friday. After that time, and on weekends and holidays, you can leave a message and your call will be answered the next business day. Or, if it's more convenient, you can get answers to your questions via e-mail.


We want you to master the concepts of the course, not just memorize facts, so all your exams are open book. Refer to all the sections of the website when taking the exam. If you don't pass the first time, try again until you reach to pass mark of 85% or higher. As soon as you pass your exam, and your results are confirmed by our staff, we will e-mail you your personalized certificate.


The ICA offers easy, affordable fees for their online courses. The cost of the ICA Fitness and Conditioning Course is $80.00 (USA) for life time access to the website. You also receive regular updates as the website expands in content, and a monthly e-newsletter keeping you informed of the latest trends in soccer fitness.


Video and Audio Instruction To enrich your learning experience, The ICA Fitness and Conditioning for Soccer Course includes includes the use of video instruction for demonstrations. The video demonstrations are narrated and enhanced with rhythmic music.


Advantages of Video Internet Instruction:

It's a simple question, what's better, video or text? Soccer is a sport which requires movement, so naturally video is the superior technology. No more waiting for a coaching magazine to arrive. With our video instruction you can learn at your convenience. Click here to sample Course Videos.

Animation and 3-D Graphics
The ICA Fitness and Conditioning for Soccer Course features the best graphics worldwide when it comes to coaching illustrations. Unlike other sites which use "X's and 0's to make their points, we place great importance on quality diagrams that are realistic and easy to understand. Why? because as the leaders in online education, our members have come to expect nothing but the best from us. All of our coaching diagrams are designed with our unique 3-D Virtual Training Ground Software. Our advanced technology allows to create and capture any conceivable drill or tactical situation from any angle. 

Course Content

ICA Fitness and Conditioning Course is the first ever online certification for soccer fitness training. Successful completion of the course validates that a coach has the background knowledge to efficiently and safely implement a fitness and conditioning regimen for player at all levels. The curriculum of the course is comparable to a three week long residential course and is the most comprehensive program of it's kind.



The ICA Fitness and Conditioning Course is specifically designed to improve the coaches understanding in all the important areas of fitness training. The program provides all the tools you need to evaluate and develop a top class fitness and conditioning program for your team. You will learn about Warm Ups, Isolation Training, Speed Development, Strength Training, Stamina Training, Flexibility Training, Rhythm Training, Mobility Training, Cool Down's, Fitness Testing and much more.